MSH Gala web site – Le Cirque Ball

2011 Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation Gala Earlier this week I helped Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation launch the 2011 edition of their Gala web site.  The process of updating the Gala web site was able to happen much more quickly this year because we chose to use one of the available Showit templates and make minor modifications as needed.  This approach allowed the Foundation two major benefits.  The first is that the web site was assembled much more quickly this year.  The second was that the Foundation staff were able to do most of the work on their own instead of having me build the site for them.  It was very satisfying to see our strategy beginning to pay off.


Around this time last year I began working with the Foundation to build a collection of web sites that would help them promote their fund raising efforts for the Markham Stouffville Hospital.  We have been using the Showit service to host and build most of the web sites because it would allow them to create the web sites they needed but would keep operating costs as low as possible.  The cost of the hosting service is very reasonable at $429 U.S. per year but the more important factor for keeping the costs low is that the Showit interface allows non technical people to build and maintain web sites.  For more information have a look at some of the tutorials over at the Showit web site.