HMB Consulting LTD is a small, nimble company and in a position to be able to offer a flexible set of services to meet your needs.  This may range from short engagements to help eliminate problems you may be having with your IT infrastructure and applications or long term engagements to tackle a strategic initiatives. 

Some examples of the kind of services you may require that we can fulfill are:

  • Network Troubleshooting – using tools like Wireshark to look at communication over your network in order to determine the cause of slowness or applications that aren’t working correctly.
  • Project Management – using project management methodology PMBOK from the Project Management Institute, we can provide project management skills to get your project back on track or keep it on track from the beginning.  We have experience managing a variety of IT projects such as: application development, infrastructure implementation, infrastructure refresh, web migration, business application replacement.
  • Technical Leadership – working with your existing technical staff to upgrade or implement new technology.
  • Web presence – can help you get your web presence up and running, help you figure out which social media technologies to use and set you up with a simple integrated easy to operate environment so that you can maintain your web presence on your own.  A web presence is no longer just your website, it is also the various forms of social media that you choose to use to drive traffic to your website.  Our aim is to help you choose the best technologies based on your needs, get you set up, then make sure you can maintain these services on your own.